Real Estate and Spirituality AKA – Who haunts your house?

Jon Hazeltine
Published on October 29, 2016

Real Estate and Spirituality AKA – Who haunts your house?


People who know me, know that I am a spiritual person. That in itself is not extraordinary. You dear reader, are also a spiritual person. It is one of the many incredible mysteries of humanity. We are spiritual. We come into the world with spirits alive and aware and able to interact with the world around us  – – which is chock full of spirits by the way.

Despite this incredible fact, much of the world stubbornly refuses to acknowledge that we are anything more than ragged-boned multi-celled organisms  hobbling  haphazardly about this gigantic meteor in hopes of finding food and pleasure until we are reclaimed by the dirt.


When I walk into a house for the first time, I smell it. That’s the first thing I do. I stop and breathe in the house.

Mmmm baking has been done here. I think it’s pie. It smells like cinnamon and cloves. These people celebrate Christmas.

Or in the next house. Dog. I smell wet dog. I wonder where it is. He can’t be far. At least they let the dog in the house.

Or in the next. Wrinkle. Ugh. Stale. I bet the there are dishes in the sink, and they don’t own a vacuum cleaner.

Or the next. Books. I smell leather and newspaper, and a little bit of wood smoke… or is it a pipe?

If the smell of a house provides clues, the first few scattered glances confirm the facts.

Look at that! The table is set for dinner! Matching plates and cutlery. Who sits at the dinner table these days?

Or – Yup. Dog dish on the kitchen floor…. There he is soaking wet and locked into the laundry room. He looks like a great dane! Wow – he is a monster. The rest of the house looks clean. I bet they are good owners.

Or the next – Clutter. It’s everywhere. Is that a fast food wrapper in the corner next to the mouse trap? I think so. I don’t want to touch the doorknobs. Yuck.

Or the next. There IS a fireplace, and the newspaper is folded next to it with some reading glasses on the side table. So many books!


Within seconds I have extrapolated all kinds of meaning from the sights and sounds that have been left behind by the occupants. The people whose lives are represented here are not merely being driven by base desires for survival and reproduction – they are FULL of passions, hopes and dreams. Each room tells the story of the spirit who occupied it. Their doubts and fears and struggles are painted across the walls like so many dark shadows. Their joys and triumphs are there as well. Bursts of sound and color explode across the photos reflecting depth, and love and time. It is almost as though the house itself has taken on the personality of the people who inhabited it.

This spiritual interaction never stops. We are constantly interacting with the spirits around us! Every time we set foot in a new place, our senses are assailed with the spiritual reality that exists in that place.  Most people aren’t aware of this interaction for two reasons!

  1. Most people don’t go to new places! Most people visit the same 4-5 places every day…day after day, and their spirits are lulled into believing that the entire universe is represented by those few places.
  2. Most people don’t understand spirituality, and so they tune out, rather than in! This leads to a form of spiritual constipation that causes all kinds of anxiety, stress, and mental, emotional and relationship problems. Pay attention to your spirits people. They are trying to tell you things!

All of the above is a preamble to this very important reality.

The spirit that owns the land, controls the spirit of the land.

When I contemplate buying property in a neighborhood, I walk the neighborhood to determine the spirit of the land. I want to know if I am coming into a place that will create friction with the spirit that is in me, or if it is an environment where my spirit will compliment the spirit of the land.

Occasionally, I will walk a neighborhood and find that it is a good fit for me, but then I walk into the house that I am thinking about buying, and everything feels off! That’s when I remind myself – – If I own this place….the spirit will change!  The spirits who dwell here now will be evicted as I move in and the spirit inside of me begins to reshape the property.

The only way a city can change, is if people who have a different spirit buy the land.

Maybe you aren’t a spiritual person….but what does your house look like?

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Real Estate and Spirituality AKA – Who haunts your house?
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